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No matter the reason, at the end of the day cleaning is our passion, service is our specialty. Not only are our Pros highly trained to provide the highest quality clean, but they’re great people too!
We know your time is important and that nobody wants to spend the day playing phone tag with their cleaning company. Our services are quick and easy to navigate, just choose what suits your needs!
Our Checklist


Lighting fixtures
TV & other monitors (not screens)
Our Checklists
Door Frames
Picture frames
Tables & chairs
Behind wall units
Floor & Baseboards
Vacuum (if provided)
Dry Mopping
Wet Mopping
Wipe down baseboards
Wip Down
Dry Mopping
Kitchen Counters
Kitchen cabinets (exterior)
Refrigerator (exterior, including top )
Table Tops
Bathroom counters
Bathroom shelves (exterior)
Shower Door
Shower caddy/ soap dish
Bathroom Mirror
Trash cans (exterior)
Window Sill
Under A/C unit
Trashcans (inside & out)
Stove top
Wall behind stovetop
Kitchen sink
Microwave (inside & out)
Toaster (inside & out)
Load & run dishwasher (1 load) or Empty dishwasher if client left note
Bath tub showers
Bathroom Sinks
Heavy scrub of bathtub/shower
Heavy scrub of bathroom tiles
Heavy scrub of bathroom sinks
Stain removal
Extended time for areas of focus
Inside Oven
Inside refrigerator
Inside cabinets
Before we leave
Change bedding & make beds
Return supplies
Straighten up
Empty trash/recycling & replace liners
Turn off lights & A/C unit
Offer walk-through (if applicable)
1. Areas of focus must have standard accessibility and clients provide step stool.
2. Fresh bedding must be left out.
Just add some
specific needs
Refrigerator inside
Organizing Oven
Cabinets inside
Windows (exterior & interior)
We don’t provide the following cleaning services:
  • Inside of washers, dryers, and dishwashers.
  • Pet excrement and/or pet cages, aquariums, etc.
  • Ceilings or areas outside of a maid’s reasonable reach.
  • Lift, pull out, or move heavy furniture or appliances.
  • Outside of windows or any outside walls, patio furniture.
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