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Unimaids was established in 2018 with a mission to help out students with fair wages and flexible job opportunities. Our goal is to impact our community and charities as we operate our business.
Our Mission
We are in the business of empowering individuals and providing greater opportunities!
We are here to revolutionize the future of work. Seeing the workforce shift from full-time employees to include higher percentages of part-time, contract, freelance workers — all of which are working alongside each other.
When you buy our service you’re contributing to improving someone’s education, giving back to charities and supporting your local community. Now more than ever, young people are demonstrating the power of collective action, by adopting do-it-ourselves ethics, that are actively shaping structures to meaningfully empower more people.
We would like to thank all the individuals who have consistently invested in Unimaids and have given their support and skills. Because of your help, we are changing the way young people get to make decisions affecting their future.
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